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                                  PACKAGE 2

                    LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2 -7 hrs : 252 e 

                        3 days rental equipment  150 €

                                Total  price 402 € 

 Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting 

 Know hazards on a spot

 Know the use of safety systems 

 Have basic flying skills with kite 

 Launch and land the  kite with an assistant

 Twist and untwist the lines while flying the kite

 Walk and change directions while flying the kite

 Know the wind window

 Set-up a 4/ line kite with a full de-power system

 Pre-flight check of equipment and settings 

 Understand and use the international communication signals 

 Launch and land the kite to an assistant and as an assistant (4/-line de-power 

      Control the kite hooked into the harness

 Pull quick release and activate leash

 Recover the bar and kite

Kiteboarder Level 2 in the water (3 hours) 

 Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite

 Water re-launch the kite

 First body drag downwind

 Maintain correct kite position in the wind window

 Change direction to the left and right while body dragging

 Recover the kite and bar in the water

 Upwind body drag to recover board

 Upwind body drag holding the board with one hand

 Enter and exit at the same point while upwind body dragging

 Know the power stroke for a water start

 Know the safety rules and theory for water start

 Can put the board on the feet and maintain the correct position for water start

 Water starts in both directions and ride a short distance

 Come to a controlled stop

 Understand weather forecast, tidal- and wind effects

 Know the right of way rules